German company Horn has supplied a furnace to South African container glass group Nampak Glass.

The regenerative end-fired Furnace Number 3 was built between April and June this year. The furnace is designed for an output of 400 tonnes per day of bottles.

Due to its special design and a corresponding additional electric heating, the multicolour furnace can produce container glass in flint, green and amber colours.

The above-mentioned additional electric heating has been designed as bottom boosting with 12 electrodes and 2,400kVA connection power.

Horn also supplied the entire engineering for the distributor and forehearths. Here, the forehearth system GCS 301 came into operation. It enables Nampak to produce more products with many job changes.

The Horn forehearth system complies with requirements concerning higher homogeneity of temperatures during production of lightweight bottles in an NNPB process.

Horn also supplied the entire peripheral equipment for the furnace, which was successfully set into operation in the middle of this year.

In Roodekop, Nampak produces returnable and non-returnable glass bottles for the food and beverage industry. The company produces numerous bottle types for this market, ranging from 100ml to 1.5 litres.

Horn received this order to supply the furnace alongside its partners from the Container Glass Alliance.