Horn Glass Industries will supply a complete technological line for the Azerfloat glass plant in Azerbaijan.

The scope of supply extends from the batch plant, via the melting furnace, the tin bath and annealing lehr to the robotised cold end, where the finished glass is cut, stacked, packed and transported, using specially developed storage technology.

The technology line supply also includes the production of nitrogen and hydrogen as well as a shielding gas mixing and cooling water station.

Horn will also supply a fully automated process management system for the hot-end.

The new glass line will produce approximately 250 tonnes of clear and tinted coated float glass per day. The new production facility will create about 300 new jobs.

Horn Glass Industries’ know-how has a positive effect on the construction of the furnace, the engineering and the installation supervision of the supplied equipment, as well as on the project management and logistics.

The float glass plant is to be built in an industrial park in Sumgait, 30km north of the capital, Baku. Construction work commenced last December.