Spanish industrial automation company And&Or has acquired glass cold end technology group Icebel of Portugal.

The And&Or Group is a specialist in handling plastic packaging. It said both companies would leverage synergies and collaborate in creating comprehensive solutions for industry.

Alfonso Cardeira, Managing Director of Icebel said: “This integration is a great opportunity to drive the company’s growth and progression.

"We are focused on ensuring that our relationship with all stakeholders is strengthened with this acquisition.”

Antonio Ortega Suarez, CEO of And&or, said: “This acquisition reflects our ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of industrial automation.

“Together, we are better positioned to provide comprehensive and advanced solutions to our customers across Europe, strengthening our position as industry leaders.”

Both companies will work together to ensure a smooth transition that benefits both employees and customers.

It is expected that this acquisition will strengthen the group’s international presence.