The International Commission on Glass is calling for industry experts to join its new technical committee.

It has created an Energy Efficiency Technical Committee (TC09) and its tasks include identifying the major process steps,that show potential for energy efficiency improvement, including glass melting, glass conditioning, raw material supply & recycling and post-processing of glass.

Other tasks include testing or developing tools to support energy efficiency investigations, defining research activities for developing energy saving glass production methods and to organise symposia or sessions on energy efficiency in glass production at ICG annual meetings and congresses.

The ICG said: “If you are interested in Energy Efficiency in Glass Production and have a high profile in the industry you may wish to be considered as a member of this important new committee.”

Those on the committee are expected to make a significant contribution to its activities and attend its twice-yearly meetings.

The members (typically 10-16 people) of the Technical Committee should be a balanced mix between glass industry experts, technology suppliers and academia. Preferably, each major glass sector, container glass, flat glass, glass fibres, specialty glass, domestic glass should be represented.

The chair of the committee is Dr Hans van Limpt and his e-mail address is