The International Commission on Glass is transferring the successful Montpellier concept, and hosting the first ‘workshop for new researchers in glass science and technology’ in Shenzhen, China, this December.

The workshop will run from the 8th-12th December 2014.

The course is designed for new PhD students or for young researchers who have recently started research in the glass industry.

The cost is 2,400 RMB, which includes the welcome reception, 2 coffee breaks and a lunch per day. Additionally, hotel accommodation is offered including breakfast at 1,200 RMB for those wishing to take it.

A complete programme will appear soon on the ICG web site (

The programme is based on experience gained during a series of ICG Summer Schools organised in Montpellier.

The lectures will be presented by world leading experts in their fields.

A significant aspect of the workshop will be student-centred projects that encourage interactive learning and help development of understanding by applying what has been learned to specific issues.

There will be an overview of key fundamentals in glass science, with an emphasis on chemical and optical properties, structure-property relationships, transport phenomena and application related issues on surfaces and thin films.

Participants will be limited to 40.

Contact information

In case of interest, please contact the conference office at:

For further information contact Prof Parker: