Şişecam Group hosted prominent names from the world’s glass industry at its Porto Nogaro flat glass production plant line in the north of Italy.

The members of Executive and Advisory Committees of the International Commission on Glass (ICG) from 33 countries convened at Porto Nogaro.

Following a study visit to the production plant under the guidance of Prof. Şener Oktik, Şişecam Group Chief Research and Technological Development Officer, and Member of ICG’s Executive Committee, and Mr. Beytullah Şahin, General Manager of Şişecam Flat Glass Italy SRL, “ICG 2030” strategies were discussed before noon during the meetings conducted at the plant.

In the afternoon, the preparatory works for the ICG General Assembly to be held in Boston in June were completed.

Şişecam Group operates in the chemicals, flat glass, and household glassware fields in Italy.

The investments made in thecountry contribute to its position in Europe for the chromic acid production and in the world for basic chromium sulphate production as a result of total investments amounting to €120 million in Italy.

Şişecam Group has invested in its logistics and distribution network besides the Paşabahçe Store in Milano. It reaches the US, European, Middle-Eastern, and African markets via Italy.

The group’s flat glass production capacity in Italy doubled up following the commissioning of Mafredonia in 2018 besides Porto Nogaro plant with an annual production capacity for 220 thousand tons of flat glass and 5 million m2 of laminated glass.

The Manfredonia flat glass production plant has an annual production capacity of 190,000 tons besides a laminating line with an annual capacity of 4 million m2, a coating line with an annual capacity of 4 million m2, and a satin line with an annual capacity of 1.5 million m2.

Pictured: Representatives of the ICG during the site visit