Şişecam’s Science and Technology Centre, the R&D unit of global glass manufacturer Şişecam Group, received the Intellectual Property Competence Award of the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

Prof. Şener Oktik, Şişecam Group Research and Technology Development President, received the award from Dr. Faruk Özlü, Turkish Minister of Science, Industry and Technology (pictured).

The Şişecam Science and Technology Center was chosen from among the 889 R&D and design centres supported by the ministry.

Sisecam’s R&D efforts were awarded at the 6th Private Sector R&D and Design Centers Summit organized by the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology at Ankara’s Congresium in December 2017.

Şişecam's $40 million Science and Technology Center is based in Çayırova, Gebze, Turkey.

Prof. Oktik said: “The Şişecam Science and Technology Centre is the driving force behind Şişecam Group’s research and technological development efforts. It’s an award-winning, environment-friendly facility offering a 9400m2 indoor space.

"Şişecam Science and Technology Centre is Turkey’s largest and best-equipped science and technology center in this field, and also ranks high among R&D centres in the world. The centre employs 225 experts who conduct research and develop technologies at a local and international level.

"Şişecam Group targets to drive its growth through research and technological development, and will continue to heavily invest in this field”.