In the era of digitalisation, more information technology is being used in industrial automation.

Likewise, a high degree of connectivity is required for Industry 4.0. A key phrase is the Internet of Things.

This greater degree of networking leads to higher numbers of cyber attacks, which are also becoming more targeted and complex, on offices and industrial plants.

Cyber crime is wide-spread and costs the global economy US$400 billion each year. Cyber attacks affect companies of all sizes and in all markets.

However, high cost pressure and production availability are barriers to the implementation of appropriate protection mechanisms. Prioritised and balanced security investment is required for this.

Another difficulty is that, due to the increase in cyber threats, there is a lack of adequately qualified personnel to identify the security vulnerabilities, implement protective measures and react to attacks.

The solution

With the holistic security concept Defense in Depth from Siemens, you protect your plant from security risks. You are supported in this by the Siemens Industrial Security Services.

With Defense in Depth, Siemens provides a concept that givesa plant all-round and in-depth protection. The concept is based on plant security, network security and system integrity as recommended by ISA 99 / IEC 62443.

Plant security is achieved through physical access protection, implementation of processes and guidelines on Industrial Security, and comprehensive security monitoring.

For network security, the individual plant sections are divided into cells and connected through firewalls and VPNs.

System integrity is guaranteed by system hardening, patch management and methods for detecting attacks.

The Siemens Industrial Security Services experts support you in this context with a holistic approach – from analysis of the threats and vulnerabilities according to IEC 62443 and ISO 27001 (Consulting), through execution of the protective measures derived in this way (Implementation), all the way to managed services for comprehensive and continuous protection against cyber threats (Optimisation).