A total of 36 participants took part in this year’s ICG Summer School in Montpellier, France.

On the first day everyone attended the same introductory courses and the seven project groupings had participants from both streams mixed together. Most lecturers gave two one-hour presentations and their contribution, freely given, is greatly appreciated

The morning of the last day was the opportunity for the students to demonstrate their lecturing skills and to present their conclusions on the set projects. Of course this naturally forms part of the overall teaching and is done competitively so all students are strongly encouraged to interrogate other groups in an attempt to undermine their credibility.

The final judging proved tight, and eventually two first prizes were awarded, one to the group examining mechanisms of sodium ion diffusion and the involvement of non-bridging oxygen (Helene Pablo, Luka Pavic, Celine Ragoen, Alessio Zandona, Abdul Rahshidi), and the second to a group tasked with creating a project for a final year undergraduate student on glass melting (Vickie Falk Jensen, Miroslava Huyjova, So Sakurai, Damier Bolore, Frederik Van Hoof, Ana Aznar).

Third place went to the big EGO company based on an Environmental Glass Organisation, set up to win a large international prize by solving a major social issue (Thorben Welter, Laura Aalta-Setala, Julian Moriceau, Ben Allsopp, Philipe Kiefer).

As always the participants created their own Facebook account to allow longer-term interactions post-school.

Of the 36 participants, 28 signed up for a Glass Science stream and eight for Glass Technology. Participants came from 10 countries.

Another school is planned for July 2017 with sessions on the use of computer modeling in glass science and technology as the second theme alongside Glass Science.

Discussions have also begun on ways of celebrating the 10th School in 2018; the publication of a book summarizing the schools, their history and their contents is one possibility. We welcome queries and applications from interested teachers as well as students.

More information is available on the ICG web site (www.icglass.org/education).