September was an especially active month for inspection solutions specialist Iris Inspection machines, including an international sales meeting and the company’s successful participation at glasstec 2016 in Düsseldorf.

The company’s success in recent years is due not only to the efficiency of its Evolution series of camera-based inspection machines, but also to the comprehensive support provided throughout the world.

Thanks to a network of international agents and technical support centres, Iris is able to assist customers throughout Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa and Australia.

The company held a two-day sales meeting in September, in the heart of the picturesque vineyards of Beaujolais.

The meeting provided a valuable opportunity to show the company’s latest innovations to members of the international Iris sales team.

This included details of the new Evolution 12 HD sidewall inspection machine using a multi item module, for example, the latest Evolution 5 HD base and finish inspection, as well as the new Evolution Ultimate and Evolution Dim equipment designs.

The following week, Iris Inspection machines unveiled its latest inspection equipment advances to the international glass container industry at glasstec 2016, including an intelligent engraving inspection development.

The engraving identification and inspection module is a software innovation that allows the machine to identify engravings in a container’s body or base.

Because it is very difficult to predict how an engraving will look, this module dramatically improves inspection in these areas.

By calculating the position of the engraving, the machine identifies the pixels related to the engraving, as well as those that relate to a defect.

This algorithm has been improved and tested over recent months on several production lines, including those devoted to beers, carbonated beverages, wine and high value spirits.

Separately, encouraged by the success of its Evolution 12 sidewall inspection machine, Iris Inspection machines showed a complete inspection solution for high end glass containers.

Evolution Ultimate is a sidewall inspection machine combining the inspection capabilities of Evolution 12 with six dedicated cameras for cosmetic and perfume defects.

Other features included a touchscreen application on a touchscreen wall, where the 3D application presents a complete inspection solution for each sector (pharmaceutical, beer, soft drinks, wine, perfurme, cosmetics etc.).

There was also an opportunity for visitors to experience virtual reality with an Oculus Rift headset.

Using this high-tech equipment, the user became a bottle in an Evolution inspection machine, where the inside of the machine, its mechanics and cameras etc. could be seen.