Iris Inspection has provided a solution to Caribbean glass manufacturer Carib Glassworks after it encountered wire edge and overpress defects for the first time.

Over a period of six months, extensive tests were conducted with the new wire edge module from IRIS on two production lines.

This dedicated module uses a discriminatory approach, identifying in a binary way an acceptable bottle from even a small wire edge, without compromise.

Iris first worked with the Carib Glassworks in 2015, equipping five production lines with Evolution camera-based, non-contact inspection machines.

Iris then assisted Carib Glassworks again in 2019 in order to take advantage of the increased productivity benefits provided by narrow neck press-and-blow production (NNPB) technology.

Carib Glassworks produces both standard and custom-made containers in flint, green and amber for customers in the soft drinks, beer, food, alcohol and juice sectors.

Four years ago, the glassworks doubled production capacity to 70,000 tonnes/year via the commissioning of a second melting furnace and three production lines.

After the NNPB technology was introduced, the acquisition of a new IS machine and has allowed productivity to be increased by reducing bottle weights.

Carib Glassworks has said to have been so impressed with the results achieved, that at the beginning of 2020, the press-and-blow lines at the site were equipped with the dedicated wire edge module.