Despite the adversity of the Covid-19 recession, Iris Inspection machines has recorded an 15% progression of market shares for 2020.

This significant increase was reportedly made possible by the success of the NEO Machines and the mobilisation and the adaptability of the Iris team.

The NEO machine range identifies defects, as well as the creation of statistics by defect type.

Local trend analyses are produced on the machine, with information presented in a user-friendly format.

This range is said to be a key goal in helping to reduce dependence on human intervention, which will bring the smart factory concept ever closer.

“Facing a crisis, we are forced to innovate,” said Jean-Luc Logel, CEO of Iris.

“Local Iris service at proximity, remote installations, videos, new digital tools, are all innovative methods that helps Iris to successfully maintain the worldwide service in these challenging times.”

In the last year, Iris’ NEO machines have been successfully installed across the world, in countries such as Germany, Russia, Brazil, Italy, Ukraine, Spain, Taiwan and India.