Last month I said I would not talk about Brexit....and then proceeded to devote an entire column to the subject.

This month’s column is along similar lines, but there is a link to glass - bear with me! Nothing has changed in regard to Brexit since last month, possibly even since the vote three years ago.

The same uncertainty for glassmakers remains with no permanent outcome in site. It seems impossible for UK politicians to speak rationally about the subject.

Is Brexit the UK’s Vietnam? It is causing a deep divide between the generations and is a subject that inflames passions. It is impossible to have a sensible discussion between the two parties without one or the other becoming enraged.

This is reflected in UK Parliament where the sense of civility that used to exist has disappeared.

Politicians have stabbed their own leader in the back, and thoughtful discourse about the future and its impact on the lives of millions has descended into chaos.

The last few years have not reflected well on the UK.

It is this sense of civility that has struck me about the glass industry.

In general, it is close and everyone gets on well. The occasional disputes are nothing like on the scale of other industries.

It is not unknown for glassmakers to invite other manufacturers to their facility to view new equipment, with the aim that the whole industry will progess.

Please take note UK politicians!