Isra Vision came in first place in the medium-sized businesses category of the German Industry's Innovation Awards 2015.

The award was presented to Isra for its ‘Plug & Automate’ 3D family of sensor products, which are utilised in three-dimensional robot automation applications.

The award took the level of innovation into account as well as market opportunities, economic feasibility, innovation management and sustainability of the corporate concept.

On the presentation of the award in Frankfurt, the founder and CEO of Isra Vision, Enis Ersü, said: "The Innovation Award is a great tribute to the Isra team.

“Each and every employee is proud of this achievement. It is special recognition for the work we have been performing over the last 30 years in industrial machine vision - in one of the most dynamic growth markets of our time."

The ‘Plug & Automate’ family of 3D sensor products for robot automation allows users to automate industrial production processes more efficiently, while offering maximum flexibility.

The product portfolio integrates important technological selling points. What stands out in particular is that no expert knowledge is needed whatsoever when integrating and utilising the product.

For Isra, as a leading technology company in the field of industrial machine vision, research and development takes highest priority.

The ‘Plug & Automate’ family of products for robot automation consists of 3D sensor technology based on GigE and the latest 3D machine vision software.

The main components of the portfolio are the ‘SHAPESCAN3D’ sensors for bin picking applications and MON2.5D for palletizing and de-palletizing solutions as well as MONO3D for de-racking applications.