Italian exhibitors at Glasspex India reported a successful show.

The Italian companies exhibiting under the Gimav association umbrella were BDF Industries, Glass Service, Mappi, Ocmi OTG, Olivotto Glass. Two companies attending as separate exhibitors were Bottero and Pneumofore. All said that interest was high.

Gimav Deputy Director Laura Biason, who represented the association at Glasspex India said: “The exhibition was relatively quiet in terms of visitor attendance, but on the other hand the level of attention was very high.

Our companies signaled a large amount of interest, which further demonstrates how Italian products have a great appeal for the local glass industry.

India is becoming more active on the world economic scene, even if to a lesser extent than China, and posted an excellent rise in its GDP for 2014 with more than positive signs for 2015 as well.

Gimav said indications are also good for flat and hollow glass processing machinery:

the whole sector is set to increase by 15% over the next three years. In particular, the use of glass in the construction industry is tipped to rise by 10-12%, by 20% in the automotive sector, by 15-20% in consumer goods and 15-18% in the pharmaceutical sector.

The forecasts are also for heavy investments by local producers to grow their production capacity especially in flat glass for the building industry and for decorated glass, and hollow glass for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and beverages industries.

Ms Biason added: “The overall optimism was clearly perceivable: at the stand we also had a catalogue library and distributed lots of information about the member companies that had not come to the exhibition.

“We also helped by providing information and detailed answers to very specific, motivated questions. We were pleased to see that there was an overall willingness to analyse new proposals, a clear sign that the market is dynamic and there is a high propensity to invest.”