Dkfm Johannes Schick, CEO of Stölzle Glass, will leave his postion at the end of April.

After 14 successful years at Stölzle Glass, Mr Schick has requested to leave the European glass manufacturer in order to face a new set of challenges.

DI Georg Feith, MBA, who has held various management positions within the CAG Holding group (which Stölzle is a part of) and is a member of Stölzle’s Supervisory Board, will take over Mr Schick’s role this month.

“We are convinced that he will ideally continue the successful path of the Stölzle Glass Group in all its Business Units,” said Mag. Doris Marka, Head of Marketing at Stölzle Glass Group.

Mr Schick was very successful in shaping the high-end packaging glass manufacturer Stölzle Glass. It currently consists of more than 2400 employees, six production sites and three decoration facilities in Europe, with its headquarters in Austria. Stölzle specialise in pharmaceuticals, perfumery, spirits and consumer products.