Despite 2020 proving a difficult year for many companies, Virtual Reality Machine Training (VRMT), based in Pontefract, UK has taken the opportunity to remotely work with its customers across the world, including Ardagh Group and O-I and advance its VR software.

The company specialises in providing virtual reality training for the container glass manufacturing sector.

Tony Pawinski, Co-Founder and Director at VRMT has released a video showing some of the updates that has been made to the software, developing the system to be ‘plug and play’.

In the latest video, seen above, you can see the training taking place on gob shape and issues within the IS machine.

Mr Pawinski said: “The VRMT training tool allows for in-depth instructions on all areas of a typical IS machine, in this scenario, the video shows a student been taught on gob shape and flight issues caused by not enough overlap and more importantly how to solve it.

“The analogue speed control function allows everything to be slowed down, stopped and even reversed to aid explanation and thus advance the student’s knowledge of the complexity of glass container manufacture.”

Other updates within the company include the static camera and video recording, which Mr Pawinski believes is ‘a great step forward not just for VRMT but also for our customers because they can now use those functions to train colleagues’.

He added: “The other major advances, as cited by our customers, is the ability to dictate gob geometry as a function of how they set the feeder and see the real time results.

“This could be by changing the feeder cam or glass temperature changes, shear mechanism changes etc.”

A feature length interview with Tony Pawinski will appear in the December/January issue of Glass International.