Konatic has released an app which allows mobile phones and tablets to read datamatrix codes on glass bottles.

For many years, Konatic has been working on an app to read the datamatrix code on glass bottles, which are engraved at the hot end by a CO2 laser.

The app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to ‘scan’ a bottle, which can then display the following information on any smartphone (see left):
  • Date, hour, minute and second of production
  • Section and cavity number (new)
  • Plant number and line

Until recently, localising the code with the smartphone was time consuming. But the new algorithm with AI can detect the code automatically and read it faster.

For example, an operator can now pick a bottle on the line and scan it to know exactly when it was produced and on which section and cavity. In case of a bottle with a critical defect, they will know exactly when it was produced.

It is also useful in the filling lines, as the user will also know when the bottle was produced or filled if the line is equipped with an inline datamatrix reader.

On returnable bottles, it could be way to count the loops for the final consumer or allow them to get credit when returning bottles to the supermarket.

This app, called Konatic Reader, is available on Android or Apple store free of charge with a limitation of two readings per day. There is also an option to purchase a yearly license with unlimited readings (send request to Konatic).

Konatic, located in France, develops hot end sensors like gob control or temperature control with closed loop regulation, laboratory devices to measure the hot-end coating treatment and a full range of datamatrix reading solutions. Meet us at glasstec Hall13D16.