South Korea’s Kumbi Corporation has selected Xpar Vision to supply hot end technology for its inspection and process monitoring.

Mr. Ko, the company’s Vice Chairman said: “We continuously want to improve our efficiency and quality level and believe this investment is a necessity to maintain our position as leading supplier to the South Korean market.”

Mr. Paul Schreuders, CEO of XPAR Vision said: “We are very proud to welcome Kumbi Corporation as our first customer in the Korean market.

It is the result of our fruitful cooperation with Mr. Sang-Young Kim, which started about one year ago.” In the meantime, Kumbi Staff have been trained at Xpar’s base in Groningen, Netherlands.

One InfraRed Dual camera system has been installed on a production line in Onyang and an Xpar Vision consultant/trainer has executed on-the-job training at the plant. The first results are very good.

Mr. Kim, a Kumbi director, said: “Due to well developed technology and strong guidance by the Xpar Vision team, we have achieved good results in a very short time.

"In the coming weeks we’ll do a formal evaluation and decide on next investments. We believe that our cooperation will grow rapidly.”