The Finnish subsidiary of Zippe, Lahti Glass Technology (LGT) has received a strong amount of fibreglass glass orders in 2019.

The fibreglass technology orders were from Russia, South Korea, Turkey and Czech Republic and Lahti is currently working for orders to USA and Taiwan.

In the Czech Republic, Lahti replaced the mechanical mixers with
pneumatic blenders dedicated for fine, dry powder homogenous mixing.

A new updated control system was also set up.

The current project in Taiwan will produce special fibreglass used in electronic circuit boards.

The delivery contains a complete engineering package for the building, all process equipment and the control system.

The plant will start production in 2021 with the support of Lahti Glass Technology.

Lahti’s success in fibreglass is based on the advanced technology developed for fluidisation, precise dosing and pneumatic blending equipment but also on the remarkable number of successful projects in fibreglass sector in the past years.