Some of the region's most prestigious glassmakers have pre-registered to attend Glassman South America.

Glass manufacturers including Argentina's Cattorini and Verallia, Brazil's Wheaton Group and global manufacturer O-I have all registered staff to attend the exhibition and conference dedicated to container and hollow glassmaking.

Other companies who have pre-registered to attend include Heinz Glas of Peru, Vitro of Mexico, Brazil's Verescence and Nadir Figueiredo, as well as global brewer Diageo.

The parallel conference features 14 speakers from a combination of associations and technological suppliers to the industry. New speakers announced include Brazilian Glass Commission's Mauro Akerman and Heye International's Rainer Heidemann and Uwe Schitter.

Technical papers at the two-day seminar will be given by Electroglass, RHI, P-D Refractories, Jenike and Johanson, Pneumofore, Poco Graphite, Ametek Land, Glass Service and Fusiontec (Revimac).

More than 80 leading technology suppliers to the container and hollow glassmaking sector have booked exhibition stands at the event. Their solutions cover the entire glassmaking process, from batch plant and refractories to annealing and inspection.

the exhibitor list is available to view here