Some of the largest companies in the world today all have one thing in common. They were all founded by two people.

A quick examination of the history of globally renowned organisations such as Apple, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, EBay and Yahoo, reveals that each of them had two different people at the helm.

Some such as Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak at Apple and Bill Gates and Paul Allen at Microsoft are famous.

Others such as Evan Williams and Biz Stone at Twitter, and Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben and Jerry’s fame, less so.

Each had different personalities and brought a variety of characteristics to the role.

That magical dynamic helped ensure the international success for these companies.

The glass industry has embraced the culture of partnership.

Before glasstec there were a flurry of collaborations involving Bucher Emhart Glass, Tiama, Bottero, Iris Inspection Machines and Heye International.

The reasons for the co-operations are varied but a general theme is the rise of digital glassmaking and automation.

Each company believes a fully automated plant is only possible if technology suppliers work together.

There is a huge amount of glassmaking knowledge contained within these individual companies.

Sharing this expertise will push the industry forward dramatically and help it compete against rival materials such as PET.

Pictured: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates