Linde's Director of R&D, Shrikar Chakravarti, will provide a presentation at next month’s Hydrogen in Glassmaking conference.

Mr Chakravarti (pictured) will provide a presentation titled Preparing for Sustainable Glass Production – Technical and Economic Investigation of Hydrogen Supply for Glass Melting.

His presentation will discuss how, to qualify glass operations to be CO2 – free, clean hydrogen production with low carbon intensity must be used.

Two common clean H2 production methods currently under consideration are NG-based steam methane reforming with carbon capture and sequestration (blue H2) as well as electrolysis with renewable power (green H2).

H2 requirements will be determined by multiple factors including furnace size, number of furnaces and cullet rates. Techno-economic assessments for use of clean H2 will be presented.

Factors affecting techno-economic feasibility are NG prices and potential for CO2 sequestration and/or CO2 utilization for blue H2 and availability and prices of renewable power for green H2.

The two day Hydrogen in Glassmaking conference takes place on June 15 and 16.

It will include 16 presentations from glass manufacturers, glass customers, energy companies, hydrogen consortiums as well as technology suppliers to the glass manufacturing sector.

Confirmed speakers include Heineken, Shell, Steklarna Hrastnik, Glass Futures, GWI-Essen/BV Glas, Air Liquide, Nippon Gases, Hydrogen Europe, CelSian/DNV, the VERCANE consortium and Sorg.

More details on how to register for the event will be provided shortly.