Bosnian flat glass group Kristal has celebrated a 16-year relationship with glass processor LiSEC.

Kristal is focused on IG units and processed glass for architectural and indoor glazing.

Kristal has worked with LiSEC since 2003. Its Managing Director, Nikola Franjić, bought equipment from LiSEC in order to propel business.

The company bought a rotating table and an extruder. Later on it extended its machine park with solutions for glass processing and cutting as well as two IG lines from LiSEC.

It also invested in software from the Austrian based company.

He said: “When you buy from LiSEC, you know what you get. You buy top-quality machines and software, but at the same time you also buy part of LiSEC’s own experience in the glass processing industry – which is of an enormous value to us.

“We want to produce the best quality glass you can get. With this goal in mind and from a certain level onwards, you can only work together with the best brands – that goes for the raw material, the glass you buy and all the processing steps after that, machinery and software included.”

Mr Franjić added: “Every time I went to a glass trade fair in the past, I had a glance at the LiSEC booth and thought by myself: one day, I will be able to afford this equipment – I set it as a goal.”