Lubisol has created Lubisol2-SLLSuper light, an efficient insulating material which can partially replace the light silica brick insulation for glass furnace crowns.

Lubisol 2-SL uses foamed aluminium phosphate (AlPO4) as a main ingredient, in the form of granules that are applied by ramming.

It does not react with silica when heated up to 1640°C.

Lubisol 2-SL is about three times more efficient in comparison with the light silica bricks.

When the Lubisol insulation package is applied on a glass furnace crown, the heat losses are reduced by more than 800 W/sq.m.

It has been applied on more than 80 glass furnaces worldwide, a large part of them belonging to leading glass producing companies.

The largest number of crowns with Lubisol insulation is 18 float and container glass furnaces, an excellent reference for the total success of the Lubisol crown insulation.