Magma Ceramics and Catalysts will shortly be entering into a joint venture with Morgan Advanced Materials.

Morgan's Fired Refractory Shapes business, located in Bromborough, will merge with Magma Ceramics and Catalysts.

The aim is to form a larger and more effective combined business, with access to a wider technology base and improved growth prospects.

The joint venture will be led by Mark Stuckey, Managing Director of Magma Ceramics and Catalysts. Morgan Advanced Materials will take a 35% shareholding in the combined business and will have a seat on the board.

Magma Ceramics and Catalysts was formed in 2010 via a management buy-out of Dyson Industries fired ceramic shapes business. The company’s focus since then has been jointly on process improvement and substantive market focused growth.

Magma has expanded its ceramic production process knowledge into the area of catalyst technology, establishing a catalyst development facility in Sheffield and manufacturing facilities in Brazil and Vietnam.

It is anticipated that the transfer will take full effect within the next four weeks.