Refractarios Zedmex has celebrated its upcoming product line and second certification in Monterrey, Mexico.

The refractory and ceramics manufacturer will launch a line of products for glass contact applications.

It will include refractory ceramic materials, higher thermal shock resistance, high resistance to corrosion, erosion and penetration of molten glass for the melter, as well as channels and feeders for container glass producers.

The line is scheduled to launch during the first quarter of 2019.

Zedmex was ISO 9001:2015 certified on 7th September 2018. The company had previously been ISO 9001:2008 certified in 2017.

Roberto Olvera-Pena, President and Chairman of the Board, said: “We are convinced this standard will make us stronger overall as a world-class supplier of manufactured ceramic solutions.”

The established framework focuses on customer satisfaction, as the company continuously improves support of its Core Values.