The March 2022 issue focuses on the International Year of Glass, decarbonisation and the Mexican glass industry ahead of Glassman Latin America.

Jess Mills provides a review of the glittering IYOG Opening Ceremony, as well as preview of the celebratory events ahead, while several of the presenters supply papers on the latest trends in the glass manufacturing industry.

Elsewhere, decarbonisation has been a huge topic for the industry in recent years. Management consultants Ayming explore the funding opportunities available to producers in their quest to make carbon neutral glass. Glass Service discusses the proposed Furnace of the Future, while Air Liquide gives an update on the potential of hydrogen in the glass manufacturing process.

It’s also the Glassman Latin America trade show in May – the first time the industry has met face to face in more than two years. The issue contains a Mexican glass industry overview as well as the show catalogue.

We also have articles on refractories, furnaces, and inspection, alongside our usual mix of columns, news and events.

See the issue here.