Marpak Extrusions, a specialist in polythene packaging for the container glass and furniture industries, has introduced Lumicene Supertough into its range of flexible plastic packaging.

Responding to market demands for more environmentally sustainable packaging, Supertough is a bimodal metallocene-based resin with properties that allow for a unique balance between processability, rigidity and impact strength.

The primary benefit of Supertough is its ability to produce a thinner film that retains the strength of thicker films.

This reduces the weight of the film and has double the downgauging potential of other products on the market.

The result is substantial cost reductions, CO2 reduction and weight reduction, while impact resistance is doubled and tear resistance is also improved.

The molecular weight distribution of the resin means that as well as being used to produce film that is thinner yet maintains its strength and rigidity, it also allows for easier processing, resulting in a lower carbon footprint and high-quality aesthetics.

This allows Marpak’s customers to offset carbon emission targets; significantly reduce the material they use during transportation; reap huge energy savings during the packaging process; and save money, all while relying on a superior product.

One of Marpak’s major customers is expected to see cost savings of circa £250,000 in 2019.

Marpak Extrusions has recently undergone a multi-million pound investment across its manufacturing operations in the UK and as a result the company now has nine fully operational extrusion lines, four conversion lines and a new co-extrusion line.

The increased manufacturing capacity offers a platform for growth across domestic and overseas markets, as well as product development.