Argentinean engineering company Mavsa has completed an IS machine installation at Mexican container glass manufacturer Fusion y Formas.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the inability to travel to the customer’s facility, the installation had to be completed remotely using WhatsApp and & Zoom.

The IS 3 Section Complete Line started production of special bottles at the Mexican glass manufacturer in August.

Gustavo Fuentes, Mavsa President, said: “We appreciate the dedication of the Fusión y Formas working team to carry out Mavsa’s instructions to complete the installation.”

The Mavsa complete line, to be used in a 3.6 metre Metal Line, includes an 81 Type Feeder, a Single Gob 4 1/4” Type IS 3 Section Machine and conveyor, a conveyor extension, a stand-alone 178 type ware transfer, cross conveyor, stacker as well as variable equipment and an electronic timing drive.

Mavsa successfully produced this type of complete line in 2012 to produce bottles replacing a tableware line. It is still in operation in Venezuela.