Mr. Sollfrank has retired from his position as Executive Chairman of Horn’s Board of Directors.

A member of the board since 2001, Mr. Sollfrank has successfully managed the fortunes of Horn since the new business foundation in 1999.

Mr. Sollfrank had previously worked for the family business of Mr. Helmut Horn for a long time, starting his training as an architectural draughtsman with Horn in 1966.

Later in his career, his function as a project manager took him to many countries all over the world. In 1990 he transferred to the sales department; five years later he became the head of the department on November 1, 1995.

After the sale of the family business to Certina Holding, Mr. Sollfrank was appointed to the position of CEO of the new company Horn Glasanlagen on December 1, 1999. Two years later he became the chairman of the parent company Horn Glass Industries.

“The time I spent with Horn was interesting and exciting for me” said Mr. Sollfrank during his farewell party. Dr. Hans Wehrmann, Executive Chairman of Certina Holding, praised Mr. Sollfrank’s reorganisation of the former family business into a group member company, and the new fields of business and markets that were identified and developed.

The former family business had mainly been active in the field of furnace construction for the production of container glass. Due to the ever-increasing worldwide building boom and the growing automobile market, Mr. Sollfrank unerringly introduced the company into the business field of float glass and thus developed a second economic basis of Horn Glass.

Mr. Sollfrank also furthered the orientation of the company towards eastern Europe, the former CIS states and the Middle East, and the company now generates a major part of turnover from business in these areas.

The company management will now be put in the hands of other experienced board members, remaining with the CEOs Mr. Christoph Jatzwauk and Mr. Stephan Meindl, with Mr. Meindl being the chairman. “I wish the new managing board and Horn Glass Industries the very best and continued success.” said Mr. Sollfrank.

Going forward, Mr. Stephan Meindl has set himself the target of consolidating the float glass division after the introductory growth stage. Moreover, he sees good opportunities for business expansion in the field of container glass production.

Mr. Sollfrank will keep in touch with the company, and will manage the Asian subsidiaries in China and Singapore as well as continue to advise Horn with regard to strategic and operative decisions.

Caption: (From left to right): Christoph Jatzwauk (CEO HORN Glass Industries AG), Dr. Hans Wehrmann (Executive Chairman Certina Holding AG), Maximilian Sollfrank, Stephan Meindl (Executive Chairman Horn Glass Industries AG), Andreas Kopp (CEO HORN Bau & Service GmbH)