Advanced materials company MetaShield has launched Nanoprint, an anti-fingerprint nanotechnology-based coating which reduces the appearance of fingerprints and smudges by as much as 70%.

Metashield's Nanoprint is a sol-gel based formula comprised of a patent-pending technology that creates a single, thin layer adhering to glass surfaces to absorb/repel dirt, water, oils, sweat and smudges that cause unsightly fingerprints.

The advanced thin-film provides added flexibility and durability that OEMs and application developers can apply with a simple, one-coat spray.

“Existing anti-fingerprint coatings force a choice between durability, easy application, or reasonable cost.

“With Nanoprint, it offers all three. The technology is not only designed to improve appearance but reduces cleaning and maintenance expenses as well," said Martin Ben-Dayan, CEO of MetaShield.

The optically transparent coating is designed for glass-based surfaces in a wide range of industries.

Surfaces coated with Nanoprint require less time to clean since reduced amounts of residue are easily wiped away with a dry cloth, avoiding the need for harsh cleaning agents which increase the risk of corrosion over time.

Nanoprint may also enhance safety by optimising consumers' viewing conditions and improves the performance of touch-based technology by reducing the accumulation of contaminants that enable fingerprints and other soiling.

By adjusting the chemistry on a glass surface, Nanoprint produces an oleophilic and slightly hydrophobic coating that repels fingerprints, largely preventing them from sticking to the surface, making them less visible and easier to clean.

Nanoprint can be applied to both flat and shaped surfaces.