Ricardo Leite Passos, owner of Thermojet Brasil and Hans Mehl, owner of MGFS-Glass Factory Services said they were looking forward to a new partnership serving the glass industry called Thermojet Servicios Industriales Mexico.

This new option for draining, cooling, heating up and filling, expansion and bolt control, thermal cleaning of regenerators will be operational and a valid option for all the customers seeking quality, professionalism, experience and customer loyalty.

MGFS has 35 years of experience while Thermojet Brasil has 40 years of experience.

Both companies joined forces and created this new company in Mexico for the benefit of every type of industry requiring heat up and drying out services.

Mr Mehl said: “We count with experienced and dedicated personnel locally in Mexico and additionally we can count on more than 80 specialists out of Brazil.

"All of these specialists are fix employees with a lot of experience.”