A coalition of experts have curated a series of major events focussing on sustainable industrial manufacturing.

Organisers of a new industry platform for manufacturers within hard-to-abate sectors today announced details of Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing (SIM) - set to be Europe’s largest showcase of solutions in sustainable manufacturing, when it opens at Brussels Expo in Belgium from 9-10 March 2022.

The EU has committed to carbon neutrality by 2050 and it wants industry to “pave the way”. With heavy industry responsible for 30% of carbon emissions worldwide, a transition towards net zero emissions is no longer optional for those in-charge of heavy industrial sectors.

Nadine Bloxsome, Editor of Aluminium International Today, and Event Director of SIM comments: “To deliver change at the speed required, manufacturers must urgently accelerate and embrace sustainable technologies to future-proof their competitiveness, viability, and protect the other industries that they support.

"SIM has been created to help address this challenge and encourage a collaborative approach. By working together to conserve resources and deliver change, industrial manufacturers can ensure a sound future for generations to come.”

Curated by a coalition of industry experts, SIM is a global series of events supporting and facilitating the transition towards cleaner manufacturing around the world and will focus on five hard-to-abate sectors: Steel, Cement, Glass, Aluminium and Chemicals.

Hosting leaders from the worlds of science, innovation, government, industry, and investment, SIM Europe will provide the first opportunity for those at the frontier of energy intensive industrial manufacturing to collaborate and deliver real change.