O-I recently completed a line extension for Lucas Bols, the world's oldest distilled spirit brand.

O-I Netherlands has been sole supplier of the 75cl bottle for Lucas Bols' ‘Damrak Gin’ for many years.

The line extension introduces 70cl and 1-litre sizes for foreign markets including the US and Europe.

The objective is to develop sales in the US, where sales of premium gins are on the rise, and in other selected European markets where Lucas Bols has distribution arrangements in place.

To enhance Lucas Bols' position in the premium segment, O-I upgraded the design for the 70cl and 1-litre bottles.

The black closure was changed to a brilliant orange, paired with the original blue bottom, giving the brand a more Dutch look.

For increased brand recognition the embossed logo was placed lower on the bottle.

The specialty, extra flint bottle is made in O-I's plant in Holzminden, Germany.

O-I delivers the bottles to Decoglass in Montabauer, Germany for printing, collects them and delivers them at the Lucas Bols' filling plant Avandis in Zoetermeer (Holland).