Global glass container manufacturer O-I has appointed Reckmann as its majority thermocouple supplier.

Reckmann will supply its thermocouples to all O-I plants except for those in North America.

Reckmann was founded in 1970 and has 190 staff today at its Hagen, Germany plant.

Its product range includes thermocouples type S,R, B - also with platinum thimbles, sheathed thermocouple assemblies and resistance thermometers as well as all necessary accessories such as cables for example.

Stefan Ribjitzki, General Manager (pictured), said: “We have aspecialised for many years in the manufacturing of thermocouples for the glass industry (forehearths/feeder/stack/crown) and this cooperation is a huge step within our international direction.”

Reckmann’s export rate of the company has increased rapidly and it has a steadily growing market position by finding new international representatives.