O-I Glass has completed a €50 million sustainability investment at its Vayres, France glass production facility.

The world's largest container glass manufacturer installed the latest gas-oxygen combustion technology and heat recovery systems at the site.

The investment is set to reduce energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions by up to 20%.

The new technologies also reduce NOX emission by up to 60%.

When combined with the plant’s high use of recycled glass, the positive impact on greenhouse gas reduction and energy use helps bring O-I’s vision to be the a sustainable glass packaging provider to life.

The Vayres facility produces more than 400 million bottles a year. It is the only glass factory in the Gironde, located in the immediate vicinity of the famous Bordeaux and Cognac vineyards.

Randy Burns, Chief Sustainability Officer for O-I, said: “The Vayres investment is emblematic of O-I’s holistic approach to address sustainability by increasing energy efficiency, upgrading furnaces, creating more resilient supply chains, and forging strategic partnerships.

“Our sustainable commitment will help move us toward a truly circular economy for packaging that leverages the infinite recyclability of glass.”

Thibaut Guichard, Vayres plant manager, said: "It is a strong expression of O-I’s determination to advance our sustainability roadmap, and it has received the support of the French Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME).

"The Vayres plant brings together modern real-life technology, know-how, and capabilities.

"80% of our customers are located within a 100 kilometre radius and our plant supports the local economy, local wine producers and a local recycling system – a perfect example towards building a sustainable local circular economy.”