A bottle from Owens Illinois (O-I)'s Covet Classics collection is helping Copper Fiddle Distillery generate buzz for its whiskey and gins.

The distiller, based in Illinois, USA, is the first in North America to feature the Imperial bottle design, used for its Bourbon Whiskey, Tom Gin and Fiddle Gin.

Custom labelling and a black cork accentuate the package and add a modern attitude to the classic decanter style bottle.

The finished product has garnered attention from more than just the guests who visit the facility for tours.

"Our bottle caught the eye of producers in Hollywood, who saw it in media coverage and called to talk to us about product placement opportunities," said Jose Hernandez, Proprietor, Copper Fiddle Distillery.

Jose Hernandez and Fred Robinson, long-time friends and neighbours, founded Copper Fiddle after changes in Illinois state law embraced the craft spirits movement, making it possible for them to turn an interest in distilling into a business venture.

As they geared up for a commercial launch, Copper Fiddle needed packaging that reflected its vision and would not sacrifice speed-to-market, or require the higher risks of big volumes.

O-I's Covet Classics collection has cosmetic flint bottle designs available in a variety of sizes, for orders as small as one pallet at a time.

"Start-up distilleries are looking for scalable packaging solutions to help them break into this highly competitive market," said Danielle Catley, O-I North America's category manager for spirits.

"Our Covet Classics offerings allow customers to start out small and grow over time while still presenting a premium image featuring the high-quality glass packaging that consumers expect in this segment."

Covet Classics is part of O-I's Covet line, a collection of luxury glass packaging products and services.

Covet Classics bottles are available in a variety of sizes and can be modified with embossing, coatings, labels and closures (bar top, screw top and decanter-style) for a distinguished look.

Covet also offers design services to create a custom looks for brands.