The world’s largest container glass manufacturer, O-I, has designed a bottle that allows a more precise pouring of beer.

This is particularly important for premium products in the area of ​​craft and gourmet beers.

The unusual feature of the bottle is an asymmetrically shaped neck. On one side, the slender neck has a diagonal connection between bottle body and bottle opening. Depending on the rotation and angle of the bottle, the pourer can influence the way the beer runs into the glass.

The bottle was developed by O-I and is used by breweries in South America. Two beer brands from Paraná in Brazil, Von Borstel from Londrina and Bodebrown from Curitiba, offer their customers a more precise pouring and thus a special serving experience with the bottle.

In Europe, O-I is exploring the market potential and investigating whether European brewers might be interested in using MyPour to create a point of difference for their own brands.

"This feature is especially interesting for microbreweries and niche suppliers," explained Steffi Lenz, Innovation Project Manager at O-I.

"We know that craft and gourmet beer customers have a special relation with the beverage and what we proposed was to expand even further this experience, recreating the act of serving, through the MyPour bottle shape."

Marcus von Bortsel, owner of Von Bortstel brewery, said the new container is a competitive differentiator because it highlights the product in retail and enhances the customer relationship with the brand.