O-I’s black glass portfolio has increased to 19 products as more beer, wine, and distilled spirits-makers opt for the products stand-out effect.

In 2010, O-I started to investigate ways to better protect the contents of a bottle and black scored highly on two main factors: Aesthetics, and a high UV protection.

As clear glass can already be produced to provide adequate UV protection, the aesthetic value took precedence and its popularity with consumers proved there was a market for the product.

One company which has opted to use black glass bottles to instil a premium feel and to differentiate between its standard offering is MillersCoors, which uses it to package its Miller Fortune premium beer.

O-I currently produces black glass at six of its facilities, in Brazil, Australia, New York, Atlanta, Ottawa and Scotland, although in theory the practice could be carried out at any of its sites.

“There continues to be great enthusiasm around the capabilities we have created in our new innovation centre. In the first quarter alone, we produced samples of more than 20 newly designed concepts for customers for wine, beer, and nonalcoholic beverages, highlighting the strong collaboration between our global-product innovation team and the research-and-development team,” notes O-I Chairman and CEO Al Stroucken.

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