O-I Glass and Germany’s Krones have signed a collaboration agreement to innovate together and to jointly create solutions for the glass market.

Focus areas include improvements in glass filling and packaging line speed and efficiency; enhanced agility and flexibility of responding to market trends; development of innovative and sustainable glass systems; and advancements in digital solutions such as direct-to-glass digital printing technology.

With this agreement, the two companies are combining O-I’s specialised knowledge of glass with Krones’ leading competence in manufacturing machines and filling lines for the food and beverage industries.

Andres Lopez, President and CEO at O-I, said the agreement was the first step that O-I and Krones would take together to offer clients integrated, end-to-end solutions in the future.

“For O-I, glass is the preferred packaging solution in a world that increasingly values health, premium products and the environment.

“Not only does it maintain the integrity of the products and protects the environment, as customers and consumers intend, but it also offers magnificent opportunities for establishing brands and implementing sustainable solutions.

Christoph Klenk, CEO of Krones, said: “In production facilities all over the world, the products of O-I and Krones are already encountering each other. So it was absolutely logical to improve still further the compatibility of Krones’ complete lines and the glass containers from O-I.”