O-I Glass has appointed John Walker as its Independent Chair of the Board of Directors.

Mr Walker will take over from Carol Williams, who has stepped down from her role as Chair, consistent with board of O-I Glass’ long-term succession planning, but will continue to serve on the Board.

Andres Lopez, CEO of O-I Glass, said: “On behalf of the Board and our management team, I want to thank Carol for her tireless dedication to the Board and to the Company.

“Under her leadership as Chair, the Company has advanced its bold plan to change its business fundamentals.

“Her leadership was instrumental in removing constraints of the past including the recent agreement-in-principle of a potential plan of reorganisation for Paddock Enterprises, the company’s wholly owned subsidiary holding legacy asbestos liabilities.

“At the same time, the company is moving forward with breakthrough innovations like MAGMA.

“Her contributions have been integral to our success, and I look forward to continuing our productive relationship in the years to come.”

When speaking about Mr Walker’s appointment, he said: “John has made significant contributions to our board over the last two years.

“I appreciate his active engagement to assist the Board and management as we advance MAGMA and other breakthrough technologies that will enable a new business model for glass in the future.

“In particular, John has extensive experience with similar business transformations, as well as implementing disruptive new technology in the steel industry,” said Mr Lopez.