O-I Glass has completed a major milestone in the initial construction of its glass packaging production facility in Bowling Green, KY.

The world’s largest container glass manufacturer hosted a Topping-Off event to commemorate the placement of the final beam.

The event was attended by global O-I executives Andres Lopez, Chief Executive Officer, Ludovic Valette, Vice-President, Chief Technology Officer, plant employees, and construction workers.

Scott Lachmiller, Business Leader, Bowling Green. “Bowling Green represents the perfect location for us to serve many premium distillers and other key customers that are eager to leverage the vast benefits of glass packaging such as its health benefits, sustainability, and the premium appeal it lends to their brands.

O-I plans to invest up to $240 million in multiple expansion waves at this plant and create up to 140 new jobs in the region.

The company expects to set new standards in many aspects of glass manufacturing, such as the plant structure, working models, engagement, sustainability, and culture and implement advanced technologies, processes, and new engineering solutions using its Magma technology.

A video of the ceremony is available below: