The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has fined O-I Glass for its air emissions from its Portland manufacturing site in the state.

The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) fined Owens-Brockway Glass Container, a subsidiary of O-I Glass, $213,600 for violating emissions standards in its operating permit and for failing to comply with an interim agreement to limit pollution.

In a letter to the glassmaker the DEQ said: “DEQ appreciates that following the July 2022 violations, Owens-Brockway implemented a system to ensure that excess emissions events are promptly reported to DEQ.

“In May 2023, Owens-Brockway promptly reported excess emissions and also promptly evaluated and corrected the conditions at the facility which led to high opacity during that time.

"The 20% opacity violations addressed in this Order are part of a pattern of opacity violations at the facility over more than a decade.

“This pattern of violations, as well as noncompliance with a state particulate matter limit, have been addressed by a compliance schedule in the MAO to install catalytic ceramic filter pollution controls by May 9, 2024.”

The glass manufacturer is set to put its Furnace D at the site on hot hold with particulate matter and opacity significantly reduced as a result.