O-I Glass and the FX Matt Beverage Company have partnered to deliver glass packaging solutions to beverage brands.

The partnership will accelerate the speed to market for the Drinktainer.

The Drinktainer is a single-serve, to-go glass container that uses a wide-mouth opening to enhance the aroma and flavour of the beverage.

O-I and FX Matt’s partnership offers brands the opportunity to innovate with the Drinktainer through a streamlined co-packing process.

Sarah Brennan, North America Marketing & NPD Director for O-I, said: “FX Matt is the ideal co-packing partner, bringing experience, know-how and speed to market for brands seeking to leverage the superior design and sensory benefits of Drinktainer for their beverages.”

Recent market research demonstrated that 61% of consumers preferred the Drinktainer to drinking from a glass, and enjoyed the premium appeal and consumption experience of the container.

The Drinktainer allows bars, restaurants, and brewery taprooms to fill and seal their beverages for consumers to take away. This is enabled by a 42mm RipCap seal closure.

The closure is an easy-to-use, wide-mouth ring pull cap suitable for use on a variety of beverages, including carbonated ones.

Fred Matt, President & CEO for FX Matt Beverage Company, said: “In our 135-year history, we have thrived by going to market with new and innovative beverages and packages that delight our customers and our consumers.”

“We look forward to building Drinktainer into a premium ‘must have’ beverage container with O-I.”

The bottle is available in 10–12oz and 375mL sizes.

A video demonstration of the Drinktainer can be seen below.