Owens-Illinois (O-I) has launched a Global Design Book to provide inspiration for brand owners and design agencies looking for fresh ideas in glass for their foods and beverages.

O-I has drawn together more than 100 glass designs from around the world and the collection illustrates the beauty, versatility, brand differentiation, colour, shape and decoration variations available in glass in a way no other packaging material can match.

Andres Lopez, O-I’s CEO says in the foreword to the book: “Many studies tell us consumers love glass. It’s their favourite package. Only glass evokes wonder: the pleasure as you pick up an ice-cold beer bottle, the craving as you open a jar of your favourite spread, the anticipation as you watch the sommelier uncork your champagne.”

The entries are new product designs developed over the last few years by O- design teams either from a received brief or with customers’ design agencies across each of the five continents on which the company operates.

They show the breadth of O-I’s design expertise and also illustrate the different cultural norms which provide design cues for brands in each location.

“The book is more than selection of pretty pictures,” said Marie-Laure Susset, Marketing Communications Leader for O-I Europe.

“It relates a narrative of brand image and consumer trends over recent years. It tells of the growth of craft, of premiumization, or of healthy hydration.”

“I am grateful for the cooperation of all the brand owners whose products are featured in the book. It is very exciting to see so many great brands displayed page after page,” said Yolanda Fernandez, Marketing Communications Specialist Europe, who led the project.

The book is being distributed to O-I customers and design agencies around world. Further applications for a copy can be made to info@o-i.com.

Pic: Carlsberg Group - The hop leaf embossing plus the scallop design of the body area represent the two main attributes of this beer - fruitiness, with citrus and floral notes.