O-I is already planning to expand its European MAGMA glass manufacturing process.

The world’s largest container glassmaker announced in September it will install the technology at its Holzminden, Germany plant following a successful installation in its Streator, USA plant.

But now it has reported it is planning the implementation of a further three additional lines in Europe.

Andres Lopez, O-I's CEO and President said: “MAGMA is a top priority for O-I and the first shipments from our Streator pilot plant were an important milestone in the third quarter.

"The next MAGMA line will be located in Holzminden, Germany, to support R&D efforts and provide incremental supply to growing segments.

"The Holzminden line is expected to give us further data about MAGMA capabilities that we expect will enable three additional line applications in Europe in 2021 and 2022.

“MAGMA represents a breakthrough innovation that helps remove the historic constraints facing glass and enable future profitable growth.”

O-I has previously described MAGMA as an initiative to reimagine glassmaking with transformational technology and new processes.

O-I said it will allow for ultra-flexible glass production that can be expanded rapidly and at low capital intensity.

Mr Lopez added: “I think it's important to note that we don't view MAGMA as a niche solution to a small part of our business.

"We believe it should have a broader application, and we're assessing how broad that application can be at this stage.”