O-I reported an 27% increase in production and sales upturn of 18% in its latest financial note.

In its Q2 2021 report the glass manufacturer said the strong demand was reflected by consumer preference for healthy, premium and sustainable glass packaging as markets reopen after the pandemic.

CEO Andres Lopez said: “O-I’s second quarter business performance was strong and exceeded our expectations. Demand was robust and shipment levels rebounded to pre-pandemic levels.”

In the Americas, second quarter shipments were up 17%, with all geographies improving from the prior year.

The rebound was most pronounced in Mexico and the Andeans, which were significantly disrupted in 2020.

In Europe, shipments were up 22%. Mr Lopez said consumption of bottled water products as a result of hotel and restaurant openings, as well as a strong performance in the Champagne sector, were factors behind this.

The world’s largest container glass manufacturer said it now anticipates 8 to 10% higher production levels compared to the prior year period, which was impacted by forced curtailments in certain markets.