Folie d'Oc Rosé has become the first wine in France to be packaged in Owens Illinois’s (O-I) Helix bottle.

Created alongside the world leader in cork, Amorim, the bottle uses an internal thread within the glass bottle that allows the natural cork to be opened and repeatedly resealed without the use of a corkscrew.

The system is convenient for users, offering the simplicity of a screw top with the organoleptic advantages of using natural cork.

Folie d’Oc also marks the first time that a Helix bottle is presented in white flint glass.

The wine itself represents a venture between Domaine Guizard, a historic family of Languedoc winemakers established in 1580, and Megavins, a famous wine retailer with four cellars in the Montpellier region.

Between them, they have created a great rosé wine of AOC Languedoc quality.

The official launch took place at Megavins’ Montpellier showroom, where local officials, journalists, Megavins customers and representatives of other wineries in the region were able to sample both the wine and its packaging.

"With Helix, we have chosen to respect the fundamentals of wine – served in glass and cork - by offering a convenient, sustainable and innovative solution that satisfies a well-recognised customer need." said Alexis Mermet, wines sales manager for France at OI.

Christophe Sauvaud, Executive Director of Amorim France said, "We are very happy to see the fruit of this long work carried out with O-I finally arrive on the French market.

“Helix will now be able to conquer the heart of the most demanding wine consumers in the world.”