Ompi has expanded its closures offer for the Ompi EZ-fill Syringes by adding up a twist-off closure system for Luer Lock Cone Syringes, in line with the consolidated alternative already present on the market.

Ompi EZ-fill Integrated Tip Cap (ITC) is developed to be the ideal match for Ompi EZ-fill Luer Lock Cone Syringes.

Robust technical studies and tests on torque force and pull force have led to a perfect fit between the glass and the plastic components.

With a twist-off functionality, it provides improved usability for final users without compromising the integrity of the prefilled syringe itself.

The Integrated Tip Cap is the result of a rubber component (Tip Cap, rubber formulations: 7025, 7028, FM27, FM30) inserted in a rigid plastic cap, screwed in a Luer Lock Adaptor and pre-assembled on the Ompi EZ-fill Syringe. Its functional performances in terms of torque force and pull force are determined by the Luer Lock Adaptor, in particular by the inner hole diameter, the length and the thickness of the ribs.

“With its screw functionality Ompi EZ-fill Integrated Tip Cap (ITC) is a revolution in the Ompi EZ-fill Syringes world - said Alessandro Morandotti, EZ-fill Syringes Product Manager at Ompi Pharmaceutical Systems. - Its optimized design on the glass cone has been developed in order to assure the best match possible with our glass prefillable syringes. At the same time our offer provides more options to pharmaceutical companies.”

Ompi EZ-fill Integrated Tip Cap (ITC) has been developed for different syringes sizes: 1ml std, 1ml long, 1,25ml, 1,5ml, 2,25ml, 3ml, 5ml. In the future, Ompi will offer Ompi EZ-fill® Integrated Tip Cap in a wider variety of syringe sizes.